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      Multiple Date Selection

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      By default the Telerik MultiViewCalendar for ASP.NET Core performs single date selection. The widget also allows the user to select multiple dates or a range of dates. This is controlled by the Selectable option of the Kendo UI MultiViewCalendar with the following option values:

      • Multiple - user is able to select multiple dates. The multiple selection functionality of the calendar widget can be performed with Ctrl or Shift keys.

      • The Ctrl key allows user to perform multiple selection:

        1. Ctrl + Mouse Click on specific date will mark the date as selected and other previously selected dates will remain selected as well.
        2. Selecting a date from a specific view without using Ctrl key will deselect all previously selected dates (including previously selected dates from other views/months) and select the date of the clicked cell.
        3. Selecting a date that is already selected while hulding the Ctrl key will remove the date from the selection.

        The Shift key allows user to select a range of dates in the same month or between different months:

        1. Shift + Mouse Click selects all dates between the last selected one (with SPACE or Mouse Click) and the clicked cell.
        2. Shift + Mouse Click when there is no previous selection will select all dates from the beginning to the clicked cell.
      • Range - each subsequent mouse click sets respectevely start and end of the range to be selected. In case that the end is before the start it becomes start of the range

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