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      Binding to local data


      The Telerik Grid for ASP.NET Core offers two ways of data-binding:

      • Ajax - the widget performs server-side requests when doing paging, sorting and filtering. In this mode the grid retrieves only the data (in JSON format) representing the current page. As a result only the grid is updated.
      • Client operations - set the DataSource ServerOperations(false) and allow the grid to perform all data operations on the client or pass the model via the view.

      In this demo you can see how to bind the DataGrid for ASP.NET Core through a model passed by the View and perform all data operations on the client side.

      To see all the available features of the gridview at a glance check the Telerik Grid for ASP.NET Core article.

      ASP.NET Core source

      Also available for:

      • local_data_binding.cshtml
      • Local_Data_BindingController.cs
      • ProductService.cs
      • ProductViewModel.cs

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