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ASP.NET Core Editor Import and Export

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This demo shows how to import a file in Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Editor and how to export the Editor content. The import and export features internally rely on the Telerik Document Processing Library.

Telerik Document Processing is a bundle of UI-independent, cross-platform libraries enabling you to process the most commonly used flow, fixed and spreadsheet document formats. The components allow to create documents, import, modify and export them without external dependencies between the following different formats.

To enable the import option in the Editor, add the respective command in the toolbar of he Editor .Tools(tools => tools.Import()). By using the Import attribute, you can configure the Proxy option or set the maximum file size and the allowed extensions of the imported file. Through the Import option, you can import files with the following extensions:

  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • HTML
  • TXT

To export the content of the Editor, include the corresponding command to its toolbar .Tools(tools => tools.ExportAs()) and configure the export settings through the ExportAs attribute. For example, specify the Proxy option, which sets the Action to which the content will be submitted, or specify the FileName attribute to set the name of the downloaded file.

  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • TXT

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