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      This demo shows how to change the culture and language in which the messages of the Telerik for ASP.NET Core Grid are displayed.

      The Kendo UI culture defines specific information for the number formats, week and month names, date and time formats, etc. The Kendo UI culture scripts are generated from the Windows 10 and .NET 4.7 server-side culture definitions and match them by design.

      The demo shows how the selected culture from the ASP.NET Core DropDownList updates the server culture. This causes the ASP.NET Core Grid to use the matching Resource file messages and localize them accordingly. The kendo.culture() method is used to set the client cluture to force the grid to use the matching date, number, currency, week and month formats.

      The Kendo UI messages are community sourced. In case a translation is missing from the Resource messages, the ASP.NET Core GridView will use the default "en-US" messages.

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      • globalization.cshtml
      • GlobalizationController.cs
      • ProductService.cs
      • ProductViewModel.cs

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