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      The pager should ...


      To see the different paging options in action, select the desired checkboxes and press the Apply button. The ASP.NET Core Grid pager features:

      • Page sizes drop down list
      • Input for the pager so the users can enter the desired page to navigate to
      • Numeric pages - buttons with numbers which represent each page
      • Previous and next buttons
      • A refresh button
      • Templates for the selected and number page links
      • HTML attributes necessary for accessible usage.

      • Please check the Paging article to learn more about the different paging settings available for the Telerik ASP.NET Core Grid.

        More about Telerik Grid for ASP.NET Core

      ASP.NET Core source

      Also available for:

      • paging.cshtml
      • PagingController.cs
      • OrderViewModel.cs

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