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Keyboard navigation

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  • keyboard_navigation.cshtml
  • Keyboard_NavigationController.cs

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  • Alt + w focuses the widget

Closed popup:

  • enter triggers change event
  • esc closes the popup
  • alt down arrow opens the popup
  • alt up arrow closes the popup

Opened popup (date view):

  • left arrow highlights previous day
  • right arrow highlights next day
  • up arrow highlights same day from the previous week
  • down arrow highlights same day from the next week
  • shift arrow performs range selection
  • ctrl left arrow navigates to previous set of views
  • ctrl right arrow navigates to next set of views
  • ctrl up arrow navigates to previous view
  • ctrl down arrow navigates to next view
  • home highlights first day of the month
  • end highlights last day of the month


This example shows how the keyboard navigation functionality is supported in ASP.NET Core DateRangePicker control.

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