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      Grid / Custom command


      The demonstrated solution in this example shows how to implement a custom command column in the ASP.NET Core Grid by Telerik.

      To do it you need to include a command column in the grid which will render a button in the column cells that triggers the command. Through the column definition you can specify the text for the button and wire its click event to a JavaScript function:

      columns.Command(command => command.Custom("ViewDetails").Click("showDetails"));
      The generated button will be decorated with a class which follows the convention "k-grid-[CommandName]" and the click handler receives the corresponding grid as an argument.

      In this demo we use a Kendo UI Window widget to display details about the chosen row in the ASP.NET Core grid.

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      • custom_command.cshtml
      • Custom_CommandController.cs
      • EmployeeViewModel.cs

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