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      ForeignKey column


      In this example you can see how to implement foreign key column in the Telerik for ASP.NET Core Grid, which generates an ASP.NET Core DropDownList editor for the Category column. The ForeignKey column definition is shown below:

      columns.ForeignKey(p => p.CategoryID, (System.Collections.IEnumerable)ViewData["categories"], "CategoryID", "CategoryName").Title("Category").Width(150);

      When a column is defined as a ForeignKey colum the ASP.NET Core Grid will look for the editor template in ~Views\Shared\EditorTemplates named GridForeignKey.cshtml and populate it with the passed collection through the column declaration. Here is the definition of the editor template:

      @model object
      @(Html.Kendo().DropDownListFor(m => m)
          .BindTo((SelectList)ViewData[ViewData.TemplateInfo.GetFullHtmlFieldName("") + "_Data"])

      In addition to the Foreign Key editor template, populate a list which holds all the categories and pass it via the ViewData - you can see how this is done in the ForeignKeyColumnController.cs PopulateCategories() method.

      If Create operations will be used provide a DefaultCategory in the DataSource Model Field.

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