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      Telerik Core Scheduler extension allows you to assign scheduler events to a set of predefined resources. The resources can be divided on:

      • Single Instance Resources – when only one instance can be assigned to a scheduler event. This is for example a list of meetings (Scheduler events), which are held in two rooms (resources). Since a meeting can be held in only one room it can be considered a single resource.
      • Multiple Instance Resources - when more than one instance can be assigned to a scheduler event. For example when there is a list of meetings and meeting attendees. Since more than one attendee can participate in a meeting, it is a multiple instance resource. You can enable this feature through the Resources -> .Multiple(true) setting.

      The Scheduler supports also unlimited resource types. For example you can combine single and multiple resource as shown in this demo.

      ASP.NET Core source

      Also available for:

      • resources.cshtml
      • ResourcesController.cs
      • SchedulerMeetingService.cs
      • MeetingViewModel.cs

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