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      Binding to local data

      Aniseed Syrup$10.0013
      Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning$22.0053
      Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix$21.350
      Grandma's Boysenberry Spread$25.00120
      Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears$30.0015
      Northwoods Cranberry Sauce$40.006
      Mishi Kobe Niku$97.0029
      Queso Cabrales$21.0022
      Queso Manchego La Pastora$38.0086
      Genen Shouyu$15.5039
      Alice Mutton$39.000
      Carnarvon Tigers$62.5042
      Teatime Chocolate Biscuits$9.2025
      Sir Rodney's Marmalade$81.0040
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      The Telerik MVC Grid offers two ways of data-binding:

      • Server - the widget performs server-side requests (HTTP GET) when doing paging, sorting and filtering.
      • Ajax - the widget will make Ajax requests when doing paging, sorting, filtering, grouping or saving data. In this mode the grid retrieves only the data (in JSON format) representing the current page. As a result only the grid is updated.

      In this demo you can see how to databind the Grid through Ajax-bound mode to an entity DataSource. The ProductService class defines the CRUD data structure that is applied to the Grid.

      Note that in addition to the visualization, the grid also provides built-in support for operations over data such as sorting, filtering and paging.

      Additional information about how to utilize the data binding feature of the MVC grid component can be found in this section of the product documentation.

      ASP.NET MVC source

      Also available for:

      • local_data_binding.cshtml
      • Local_Data_BindingController.cs
      • ProductService.cs

      Support & learning resources

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