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SASS Themes (beta)

    LESS Themes

      SASS Theme Builder

      Create new or customize SASS themes
      Launch Theme Builder

      MultiSelect / Keyboard navigation

      T-shirt Sizes


      Closed popup:

      • left arrow highlights previous selected item
      • right arrow highlights next selected item
      • home highlights first selected item
      • end highlights last selected item
      • delete deletes highlighted item
      • backspace deletes previous selected item
      • down arrow opens the popup
      • esc clears all items

      Opened popup:

      • up arrow highlights previous item
      • shift up arrow selects previous item
      • down arrow highlights next item
      • shift down arrow selects next item
      • home highlights first item in the popup
      • ctrl shift home selects items to the beginning
      • end highlights last item in the popup
      • page up scrolls the popup up
      • page down scrolls the popup down
      • ctrl shift end selects items to the end
      • enter selects highlighted item
      • ctrl space selects highlighted item
      • ctrl a selects all items
      • up arrow closes the popup if the first item is highlighted
      • esc closes the popup

      ASP.NET MVC source

      Also available for:

      • keyboard_navigation.cshtml
      • Keyboard_NavigationController.cs

      Support & learning resources

      MultiSelect for other technologies