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Sticky columns

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There are scenarios where the requirment is to display a large number of grid columns on limited screen space, and making a small subset of them visible when scrolling the grid horizontally. The concept of sticky columns enables a certain column(s) to stay visible in the viewable area, yet remaining scrollable with the rest of the non-sticky columns.

The Sticky columns feature is available alongside frozen columns. While the locked columns in the Grid are rendered on the left side of the widget the sticky columns are displayed in the scrollable area with the non-frozen columns.

The Telerik Grid for ASP.NET MVC supports sticky columns by a single configuration setting. Simply set the .Sticky(true) boolean setting of the corresponding column to true, and this will make the column sticky. To allow the user to stick/unstick a certain column from the Column Menu the corresponding setting is .Stickable(true). In this demo the sticky column is Ship Address.

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