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      Keyboard navigation


      • Alt + w focuses the widget

      Actions applied on TreeList header

      • Enter sort by the column

      Actions applied on TreeList data table

      • Arrow Keys to navigate over the cells
      • Space selects the row holding the currently highlighted cell
      • Ctrl + Space selects or deselects the current row, while persisting previously selected rows (only for selection mode "multiple")
      • Shift + Space performs range selection, selects all the rows between the last selected one (with SPACE or mouse click) and the one holding the focused cell
      • Shift + Arrow Keys adds the row which holds the focused cell to the selection (only for selection mode "multiple")
      • Enter or F2 Puts the item in edit mode, if performed over a command column will focus the first focusable element inside it.
      • Esc Cancels the edit or returns the focus to the table if an element inside a cell is focused.
      • Alt + Right Arrow Expands the current item.
      • Alt + Left Arrow Collapses the current item.
      • Ctrl + Home Focuses the first focusable element inside the body
      • Ctrl + End Focuses the last focusable element inside the body
      • Home Focuses the first focusable cell in the row
      • End Focuses the last focusable cell in the row


      This demo illustrates the keyboard support of Telerik TreeList for MVC, which provides quick access to available treelist’s features without the need of using a mouse. This is very practical for apps that should cover the accessibility standards for people with disabilities.

      You can focus the treelist using the ALT + W key combination, which will allow you to directly interact with the treelist functionality through the provided keyboard shortcuts visualized above.

      Further details about the Keyboard, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA support of Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC extensions can be found in the Accessibility Overview section of the documentation.

      ASP.NET MVC source

      Also available for:

      • keyboard_navigation.cshtml
      • Keyboard_NavigationController.cs
      • EmployeeDirectoryController.cs

      Support & learning resources

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