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ASP.NET MVC Editor Table Editing

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The Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Editor component enables you to edit data tables similar to any other XHTML or HTML and provides the following table-editing options:

  • Inserting a table.
  • Editing a table.
  • Available Table, Cell, and Accessibility tab options.

As demonstrated in this demo, the Editor enables you to execute the following specific actions when working with tables:

  • The Table Wizard enables you to create a new table with different table and cell settings or modify the selected one.
  • Create table enables you to easily create a simple table by selecting the rows and columns in the drop-down.
  • Add row above/below adds a new row to the table.
  • Add column left/right adds a new column to the table.
  • Delete row/column deletes the selected row or column.
  • Merge cells horizontally merges the selected cell with the one on the left.
  • Merge cells vertically merges the selected cell with the one below.
  • Split cell horizontally/vertically splits a cell that has colspan or rowspan attribute (as a result of Merge cells command) and adds a new empty cell.

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