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Keyboard navigation

Pick a date


  • Alt + w focuses the widget

Supported keys and user actions

  • left arrow highlights previous day
  • right arrow highlights next day
  • up arrow highlights same day from the previous week
  • down arrow highlights same day from the next week
  • ctrl left arrow navigates to previous month
  • ctrl right arrow navigates to next month


  • ctrl up arrow navigates to previous view
  • ctrl down arrow navigates to next view
  • home highlights first day of the month
  • end highlights last day of the month
  • enter or space if in "month" view selects the highlighted day. In other views navigates to lower view

Multiple Selection mode

  • ctrl enter or space adds the highlighted day to the current selection. If that day was already selected it is removed from the selection.
  • shift left arrow or right arrow adds the next/previous date to the selected items.
  • shift up arrow or down arrow extend selection up/down one row in month view.
  • shift space perform range selection, selects all dates between the last selected one (with SPACE or mouse click) and the one holding the focused cell.

ASP.NET MVC source

Also available for:

  • keyboard_navigation.cshtml
  • Keyboard_NavigationController.cs

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