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      This page loads pako zlib library (pako_deflate.min.js) to enable compression in the PDF. This is highly recommended as it improves performance and rises the limit on the size of the content that can be exported.

      The Standard PDF fonts do not include Unicode support. In order for the output to match what you see in the browser you must provide source files for TrueType fonts for embedding. Please read the documentation about embedding custom fonts and PDF output.


      When using grids, you may need to export your data to PDF in order to make it accessible on-the-go, share it with your boss or peers, etc.

      The Kendo UI grid provides client Pdf export functionality (server-agnostic) which is powered by the underlying Drawing API engine of the Kendo UI framework. To enable it, include the corresponding command to the grid toolbar and configure the pdf export settings in par with your preferences. For instance, you can specify to export all pages, margins, paper size, font, etc. To initiate export programmatically, you can call the saveAsPdf method from the client API.

      Furthermore, you have the ability to customize the look and feel of the exported grid table by wiring the pdfExport event of the grid. More information on the Pdf export feature of the widget is available in the following help topic.

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