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Basic usage


The Kendo UI Dialog is a modal popup that brings information to the user. It also provides actions through the action buttons to prompt the user for input or to ask for a decision. The component can also contain more complex UI elements that require the focus of the user. The Dialog widget is a subset of the Kendo UI Window widget where the most prominent difference is the added functionality for actions.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable visual appearance of the dialog title and body
  • Support for rich text content
  • Predefined Alert, Confirm, and Prompt Dialogs
  • Built-in modality and animations
  • Ability to create and add custom actions (buttons) at the bottom of the dialog
  • Rich API for maximum flexibility
  • Built-in themes
  • Accessibility, keyboard navigation and RTL Support
  • Rich cross-browser and mobile support

HTML5/JavaScript source

Also available for:

API Reference
  • index.html
  • Widget configuration

Support & learning resources

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