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Working Offline

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In various scenarios users would like to keep interacting with their web app, modify data and store changes even when there's no internet connection available. Further, they would want to sync their changes with the server once the connection is restored and they are back online.

With the power of the Kendo UI DataSource, this offline data storage and sync capability comes as built-in functionality for people making use of its features. This demo illustrates how you can edit, create or delete records in the grid while being offline, persist these changes while disconnected and the sync them when you are online again. This is done by the DataSource component which is the mediator between the grid and the underlying data.

 Important configuration setting for the DataSource when working with offline data is its offlineStorage option (by default localStorage is used) and utilizing its online and offlineData methods. Custom offline storage is also supported.

More information on the offline data support of the data source is available in this help article.

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