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jQuery Grid Popup Editing

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The Kendo UI for jQuery Grid supports a variety of editing options including a popup editing mode. Popup editing enables you not only to visualize data in a table structure, but also to manipulate that data and save the changes that have been made.

The jQuery Grid supports the create, update, and destroy data-editing operations through a simple configuration of its data source:

  1. Set the editable configuration option of the Grid.
  2. Declare the field definitions through the DataSource schema.
  3. Configure the DataSource for performing CRUD data operations defining the create, update, or destroy attribute of its transport.

To enable the insertion of new records, enable the relevant option in the toolbar. To delete items, include a Delete command column.

This example shows how to configure the Grid for popup editing and insert new items through a popup form by setting the editable popup option of the component.

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