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The Kendo UI for jQuery Wizard lets you easily create multi-step processes and guide step-by-step users in applications.

In this demo, you can see the implementation of a simple registration process using the Wizard widget, that requests user input in detail in three steps: Registration Info, Personal, and Payment Details. Breaking up a process into stages will simplify user input tasks so that they will need to manage just one form at a time. At each step, you have a pre-configured built-in validation of the input data and a progress indicator showing the number of steps left towards achieving their final goal for the process.

Key Features of Wizard component:

  • Built-in Validation (If configured)
  • Integration with the Form component
  • Loading content using AJAX
  • Configuring the position of the component's stepper

The Wizard widget can be initialized both from a form and div DOM elements. When initialized from a form element, if the Wizard configuration contains form definitions, the forms inside the widget will be initialized from a div DOM element. In this scenario, the ‘novalidate’ attribute should be added to the form element from which the Wizard is initialized.

< form id="wizard" novalidate> < /form>

The ‘novalidate’ attribute is needed to prevent the duplication of the built-in form validation and the default browser validation. If a form inside the Wizard is not validated using the component’s configuration, there is no need to add the ‘novalidate’ attribute.

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  • index.html
  • Widget configuration

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