Kendo UI for jQuery ♥ Bootstrap

What is this page?

This page shows how to use Kendo UI for jQuery alongside Twitter Bootstrap.

The grid layout and responsive CSS is provided by Bootstrap, and components are provided by Kendo UI for jQuery.

Resize the page or customize it using the pickers above to see its responsive features.

The source for this demo is available on GitHub

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  • What is Kendo UI for jQuery?

    Kendo UI for jQuery is a HTML5, jQuery-based framework for building modern HTML apps. Kendo UI for jQuery combines the best of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies with robust, cross-browser techniques to deliver a framework that is both powerfully rich and broadly compatible with older browsers.

    Kendo UI for jQuery combines everything that a developer needs to build a rich JavaScript app, eliminating the traditional challenge of manually researching and combining all of the needed plug-ins, frameworks, and libraries needed to build apps. Kendo UI for jQuery includes rich UI controls for desktop, mobile and data vizualization, a JavaScript DataSource, fast Templates, cross-device Drag and Drop API, Globalization, Validation and MVVM framework extensions, and more.

    Download Kendo UI for jQuery and experience the difference today

  • Who should use Kendo UI for jQuery?

    Kendo UI for jQuery is for all HTML developers. Kendo UI for jQuery can be used with (or without) any server-side technology, making it the perfect front-end for every modern, browser-based HTML app. Kendo UI for jQuery only requires jQuery. After that, everything that's needed is included.

  • What are Kendo UI for jQuery components?

    Kendo UI for jQuery components are part of the Kendo UI for jQuery Framework.

    All components complement the tooling you need for modern HTML5 and JavaScript development.

    The Kendo UI for jQuery Framework provides more than UI, and in the future Kendo UI for jQuery will offer additional tools to modern HTML developers.

  • How do you use Kendo UI for jQuery?

    Kendo UI for jQuery is a pure JavaScript framework, so using Kendo UI for jQuery is as simple as referencing JavaScript and CSS resources on your page. Once Kendo UI for jQuery is configured on your page, the rich API gives you everything you need to initialize and configure an application.

    To learn more about using and installing Kendo UI for jQuery, visit the Kendo UI for jQuery online demos.