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      Basic usage

      • Monday meeting

        Hi Tom, Since Monday I'll be out of office, I'm rescheduling the meeting for Tuesday.

      • I'm sorry, Tom

        Hi Tom, my aunt comes for a visit this Saturday, so I can't come back to St. Pete...


      The Kendo UI Drawer is a dismissible or permanently visible panel that can be used as a sidebar component for navigation in responsive web applications or simply for changing a content of a section in the page.

      Key Features

      • Overlay and Push mode
      • Right and Left position
      • Gesture Support
      • Mini mode

      In this demo the Kendo UI Drawer can be opened either by clicking on the hamburger icon or using swipe gesture on the associated content.

      HTML5/JavaScript source

      Also available for:

      API Reference
      • index.html
      • Widget configuration

      Support & learning resources

      Drawer for other technologies