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Virtualization of local data

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There are cases when you may need to operate with large amount of data in the grid, and fetching and processing this data at once would impose a performance penalty due to limited browser resources.

Luckily, the Kendo UI grid has a solution called data virtualization that alleviates any slowdowns when operating with huge volumes of data. When enabled via the scrollable->virtual configuration option, it displays a vertical scrollbar for the grid content and renders only the number of items set via the pageSize property of the grid data source. After you drag the scrollbar and the pageSize is exceeded, it makes automatic requests to retrieve and render the next set of grid rows.

Both local and remote data are supported with the grid virtualization feature, whereas in this demo the records are obtained locally.

Since R3 2017 Grid Virtual scrolling is compatible with CRUD operations (Create, Update, Destroy). In the demo you can see how Virtualization works with Batch, Inline and Popup edit modes.

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