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      The Telerik ASP.NET MVC Scheduler component allows you to easily display, edit and schedule appointments. You can display day, week, month and agenda views, group horizontally and vertically and enjoy out-of-the-box templates.

      You can find additional information on how to use the Scheduler in this section of the product documentation.

      Key Features

      • Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Agenda and Timeline views
      • Multiple Resources and Resource Grouping
      • Templates for Appointments
      • Time Zone Support
      • Simple-to-Customize Look and Feel
      • Rich API for maximum flexibility
      • Export to PDF
      • Accessibility, keyboard navigation and RTL Support
      • Rich cross-browser and mobile support
      • Responsive HTML 5 Rendering

      More about Scheduler for ASP.NET MVC

      ASP.NET MVC source

      Also available for:

      • index.cshtml
      • IndexController.cs
      • SchedulerTaskService.cs
      • SchedulerMeetingService.cs

      Support & learning resources

      Scheduler for other technologies