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      PanelBar / Events

      • Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986
        • Battery
        • Master of Puppets
        • The Thing That Should Not Be
        • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
        • Disposable Heroes
        • Leper Messiah
        • Orion (Instrumental)
        • Damage, Inc.
      • Iron Maiden - Brave New World 2000
        • The Wicker Man
        • Ghost Of The Navigator
        • Brave New World
        • Blood Brothers
        • The Mercenary
        • Dream Of Mirrors
        • The Fallen Angel
        • The Nomad
        • Out Of The Silent Planet
        • The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
      • Empty Item
      • Ajax Item
      • Error Item

      Console log

      JSP source

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      • events.jsp
      • EventsController.java
      • Widget configuration

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