Telerik UI for JSP DateRangePicker Overview

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The Kendo UI for jQuery DateRangePicker control enables you to select a date range from a calendar, or through direct start and end date inputs. Besides its basic configuration options, the DateRangePicker component provides keyboard navigation and RTL support.

The current demo displays a basic configuration for a DateRangePicker.

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Functionality and Features

  • Disabled dates—The DateRangePicker allows you to disable specific days which are not intended to be selected by the end user such as weekends and national holidays.
  • Pre-Selected dates—You can also define the minimum and maximum dates the DateRangePicker displays and render a pre-selected date range.
  • Start view and depth—The DateRangePicker enables you to set the initial view it renders and to define the navigation depth of its views.
  • Calendar types—You can also choose the clandar type of the DateRangePicker component.

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