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    Scheduler / Keyboard Navigation


    • Alt + w focuses the widget

    Actions applied on Scheduler table

    • Arrow Keys to navigate over the cells.
    • Enter creates new event from empty cell or selection. On selected event opens the edit popup window.
    • Tab moves between available events.
    • Shift + Tab moves between the available events backwards.
    • 1 - 4 moves between the available views.
    • Esc closes the edit popup window.
    • Shift to create multiple selection.


    The Scheduler offers extended keyboard navigation which allows you to focus the control, navigate over its cells, to select an appointment and modify it, to create new appointments, to switch between the available views as many more. This is especially useful for the visually impaired users.

    For more information on the supported keyboard shortcuts see the provided information box.

    ASP.NET MVC source

    Also available for:

    • selection.cshtml
    • SelectionController.cs

    Support & learning resources

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