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    Grid / Binding to SignalR


    This example demonstrates real-time push-notifications from SignalR. To see the real-time updates:

    1. Open this page in another browser window by clicking here
    2. Create, update or destroy grid items.

    Note: To further enhance real-time experience, the Grid will also display changes from other users, which currently happen to perform CRUD operations on the same demo. If you refresh the page, all changes will be lost, because the remote service only broadcasts changes, it does not actually save them.


    This demo shows how the Telerik ASP.NET MVC Grid can be bound to a SignalR Hub for real-time push notifications. This is useful for web applications (chat, gaming and other apps) which require high-frequency updates where you usually want to perform grid updates in real-time on all connected clients.

    To configure the SignalR binding, set the SignalR and Transport settings in the Grid’s DataSource configuration.  In this way you instruct the data source to use SignalR protocol for transmitting and operating with data in real time.

    You can find more information in this article: Binding Grid widget to SignalR Hub.

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    • signalr.cshtml
    • SignalRController.cs

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