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    Line Charts / Binding to grouped data


    Telerik MVC charting extension can be integrated to a grouped data by Kendo UI DataSource. To do, so you can follow the steps below:

    1. Bind the chart to a Kendo UI DataSource control.
    2. Set the property to the name (e.g., the “Symbol” field) of the column in the underlying data which will be the criteria for grouping the chart series items into series Group(group => group.Add(model => model.Symbol)
    3. Bind the Y values of the series to the corresponding data source field (e.g., the "Close" field): series.Area(model => model.Close)
    4. Bind the Category Axis to the corresponding field (e.g., the "Date" field): .Categories(model => model.Date)

    This will result in as many series as the number of distinct values in the column (e.g., "Symbol").  Since the “Symbol” field in this example contains three distinct values ("1. GOOG (close)", "2. AAPL (close)" and "3. AMZN (close)") the chart will create three series as well.

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    • grouped_data.cshtml
    • Grouped_DataController.cs

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