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    Radar Charts / Binding to local data


    The Telerik MVC Radar chart can be instructed to display data from local data storage using its built-in data-binding capabilities.

    There are two ways to bind the chart:

    • Server - the chart will bind to a supplied model
    • Ajax - the chart will perform Ajax requests to populate its series.

    In this example you can see how to bind the chart using the server approach. You need to create an action method and pass the ProteinQualityData list located in the \Models\Chart\ChartDataRepository.Radar.cs file as a model. After that you should configure the data bound Score and Abbr fields for the Series and Categories. Note that the view has to be strongly typed so that the chart is able to load its data.

    You can find additional information about how to utilize the data-binding capabilities of the MVC chart in the Getting Started section of the product documentation.

    ASP.NET MVC source

    Also available for:

    • local_data_binding.cshtml
    • Local_Data_BindingController.cs

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