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    Gantt / Keyboard navigation


    • Alt + w focuses the widget

    Actions applied on Gantt's Timeline

    • Delete deletes currently selected task and/or dependency

    Actions applied on Gantt's TreeList header

    • Enter sort by the column

    Actions applied on Gantt's TreeList data table

    • Arrow Keys to navigate over the cells.
    • Enter opens cell editor.
    • Esc closes cell editor.
    • Space selects currently highlighted cell's row.
    • Delete deletes currently selected task.
    • 1 - 3 moves between the available views.
    • Alt Left Arrow / Alt Right Arrow scrolls timeline.
    • Ctrl Right Arrow / Ctrl Left Arrow expand/collapse summary row.

    Actions applied on 'Add Task' action DropDown

    • Up Arrow highlights previous item.
    • Down Arrow highlights next item.
    • Enter selects highlighted item.
    • Esc closes the dropdown.

    ASP.NET MVC source

    Also available for:

    • keyboard_navigation.cshtml
    • Keyboard_NavigationController.cs

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