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    Pie Charts / Pie labels

    Labels Configuration


    This example shows how to show/hide the labels of the ASP.NET MVC Pie Chart and specify how they are aligned.

    You can do that by getting a reference to the Chart client-object via:

    var chart = $("#chart").data("kendoChart")

    which will allow you to set and configure its series collection and attributes:

    var pieSeries = chart.options.series[0];
    pieSeries.labels.visible = true|false; // If set to true the chart will display the series labels.
    pieSeries.labels.align = "circle"; // "circle" - the labels are positioned in circle around the chart."column" - the labels are positioned in columns to the left and right of the chart.

    You can find a complete list of the series attributes in the control’s API documentation.

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    Also available for:

    • pie_labels.cshtml
    • Pie_LabelsController.cs

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