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The Kendo UI for jQuery Scheduler enables you to assign Scheduler events to a set of predefined resources. The resources can be divided in the following types:

  • Single instance resources when only one instance can be assigned to a Scheduler events, for example, a list of meetings (Scheduler events), which are held in two rooms (resources). Since a meeting can be held in only one room, it can be considered a single resource.
  • Multiple instance resources when more than one instance can be assigned to a Scheduler event, for example, a list of meetings and a list of meeting attendees. Since more than one attendee can participate in a meeting, it is a multiple instance resource. You can enable this feature through the multiple: true setting of the resources.

The Scheduler also supports unlimited resource types. For example, you can combine single and multiple resource as shown in this demo.

For more information, refer to the official Kendo UI for jQuery Scheduler documentation about defining and handling resources.

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