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Keyboard navigation

Inner splitter / left pane

Resizable and collapsible.

Inner splitter / center pane

Resizable only.

Inner splitter / right pane

Resizable and collapsible.

Outer splitter / bottom pane

Non-resizable and non-collapsible.

Keyboard Legend

  • Alt + w focuses first splitbar
  • left arrow moves focused splitbar to the left (if horizontal splitter)
  • right arrow moves focused splitbar to the right (if horizontal splitter)
  • up arrow moves focused splitbar up (if vertical splitter)
  • down arrow moves focused splitbar down (if vertical splitter)


  • ctrl left arrow collapses the left pane or expands the right one
  • ctrl right arrow collapses the right pane or expands the left one
  • ctrl down arrow collapses the upper pane or expands the lower one
  • ctrl up arrow collapses the lower pane or expands the upper one


  • enter accepts current position of the splitbar
  • esc returns splitbar to its initial position

PHP source

  • keyboard-navigation.php
  • Widget configuration

Support & learning resources

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