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Telerik Broadens Presence in North America

Leading .NET tools and solutions provider announces U.S. expansion, including enlargement of developer evangelist team

SOFIA, Bulgaria; Waltham, MA, September 28, 2009 – Telerik, a leading provider of development tools and solutions for the Microsoft's .NET platform today announced the expansion of its U.S. operations, with new offices opening in Waltham, MA, and Houston, TX. In addition, the company announced it is enlarging the size of its developer evangelist team in order to meet increased demand.

Located in Waltham, MA, recognized as one of the Northeast's leading technology hubs, Telerik's new offices house its growing Customer Advocate Group, under the direction of the head of U.S. operations, Dimitre Taslakov. The company relocated current operations in Newton, MA to the Waltham site on September 1, 2009. A second expansion phase incorporating new satellite offices in Houston, TX is also underway; Todd Anglin, Telerik Chief Technical Evangelist, will lead the Houston expansion. The new operational space allows Telerik to enhance the range of services offered to customers, provide support for its growing product portfolio, and tap into substantial regional pools of experienced technical talent.

“This expansion of our North American operations enables us to respond rapidly and dynamically to mounting customer demand for our latest products, ORM and WebTesting tools , as well as our growing Silverlight and WPF suites,” said Taslakov. “As our product lineup continues to broaden, so must the size and depth of our supporting technical team. The vibrant, thriving technology corridors of Waltham and Houston provide us with ideal avenues for identifying and adding new in-house expertise so that we can better serve an increasing client base.”

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                        <h1 style="font-size: 24px; font-weight: normal; color: #1E90FF;">Telerik Broadens Presence in North America</h1>
                                <em>Leading .NET tools and solutions provider announces U.S. expansion, including enlargement
                                of developer evangelist team</em>
                                <strong>SOFIA, Bulgaria; Waltham, MA, September 28, 2009</strong> &#150; Telerik,
                            a leading provider of development tools and solutions for the Microsoft's .NET platform
                            today announced the expansion of its U.S. operations, with new offices opening in
                            Waltham, MA, and Houston, TX. In addition, the company announced it is enlarging
                            the size of its developer evangelist team in order to meet increased demand.
                                Located in Waltham, MA, recognized as one of the Northeast&#39;s leading technology
                            hubs, Telerik&#39;s new offices house its growing Customer Advocate Group, under
                            the direction of the head of U.S. operations, Dimitre Taslakov. The company relocated
                            current operations in Newton, MA to the Waltham site on September 1, 2009. A second
                            expansion phase incorporating new satellite offices in Houston, TX is also underway;
                            Todd Anglin, Telerik Chief Technical Evangelist, will lead the Houston expansion.
                            The new operational space allows Telerik to enhance the range of services offered
                            to customers, provide support for its growing product portfolio, and tap into substantial
                            regional pools of experienced technical talent.
                                &#147;This expansion of our North American operations enables us to respond rapidly
                            and dynamically to mounting customer demand for our latest products, <a href="">ORM </a>and <a href="">WebTesting
                                    tools</a> , as well as our growing <a href="">Silverlight </a>and <a href="">WPF</a>
                                suites,&#148; said Taslakov. &#147;As our product lineup continues to broaden, so
                            must the size and depth of our supporting technical team. The vibrant, thriving
                            technology corridors of Waltham and Houston provide us with ideal avenues for identifying
                            and adding new in-house expertise so that we can better serve an increasing client
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