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WebForms SiteMap Overview

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About RadSiteMap for ASP.NET AJAX

RadSiteMap provides lightweight and flexible solution for rendering sitemaps. It supports skinning, multiple layout modes and rich set of templates. The rendered markup is clean and semantic for improved SEO performance.

Improve your webpage load time with the flexible, lightweight RadSiteMap control for ASP.NET AJAX. This UI component with its efficient semantic rendering gives you a lightning fast solution and highly optimized HTML output. With the ease of Telerik’s SiteMap for ASP.NET AJAX you can organize and list the pages on your website, customize the layout, choose from a variety of appearance options and templates. Add value to your website by optimizing it for crawlers and search engines with no extra development effort.

RadSiteMap and 120+ other controls are part of UI for ASP.NET AJAX, a comprehensive toolset taking care of the common functionality of your application, while leaving you with more time to work on its business logic.

Key Features

  • Semantic Rendering. Rely on the semantic rendering of your sitemaps for improved SEO performance.
  • Data Binding. Data bind anything from declarative data source controls to business objects.
  • Node Lines. Provide clear distinction between parent and child links using the built-in node lines
  • SiteMapDataSource. Easily bind your SiteMap controls using Telerik ASP.NET AJAX SiteMapDataSource.

More about RadSiteMap for ASP.NET AJAX
  • DefaultVB.aspx
  • DefaultVB.aspx.vb
<%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="DefaultVB.aspx.vb" Inherits="SiteMap.Examples.Overview.DefaultVB" %>

<%@ Register TagPrefix="qsf" Namespace="Telerik.QuickStart" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="telerik" Namespace="Telerik.Web.UI" Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" %>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns=''>
<head runat="server">
    <title>Telerik ASP.NET Example</title>
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
    <telerik:RadScriptManager runat="server" ID="RadScriptManager1" />
    <telerik:RadSkinManager ID="RadSkinManager1" runat="server" ShowChooser="true" />
    <telerik:RadSiteMapDataSource runat="server" ID="RadSiteMapDataSource1" ShowStartingNode="false"

    <div class="demo-container size-wide">
        <telerik:RadSiteMap runat="server" ID="SiteMap1" DataSourceID="RadSiteMapDataSource1"
                <telerik:SiteMapLevelSetting Layout="List" Level="0" MaximumNodes="4">
                <telerik:SiteMapLevelSetting Level="1">

     <qsf:ConfiguratorPanel ID="ConfiguratorPanel1" runat="server">
                <qsf:ConfiguratorColumn ID="ConfiguratorColumn1" runat="server" Size="Narrow">
                    <ul class="fb-group">
                            <qsf:NumericTextBox runat="server" ID="NBMaxBindDepth" MinValue="1" MaxValue="3"
                                Value="2" ShowSpinButtons="true" AutoPostBack="true" Label="Maximum bind depth">
                                <NumberFormat DecimalDigits="0"></NumberFormat>
                            <span class="label">Layout for the second level</span>
                            <qsf:RadioButtonList runat="server" ID="RBLLayoutLevel2" AutoPostBack="true" Orientation="Horizontal">
                                <asp:ListItem Text="List" Value="List" Selected="True">
                                <asp:ListItem Text="Flow" Value="Flow">
                            <qsf:NumericTextBox runat="server" ID="TBRepeatColumns" MinValue="1" MaxValue="3"
                                Value="3" ShowSpinButtons="true" AutoPostBack="true" Label="Columns for the second level">
                                <NumberFormat DecimalDigits="0"></NumberFormat>


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