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    Grid / Keyboard navigation


    • Alt + w focuses the widget

    Actions applied on Grid header

    • Enter sort by the column
    • Alt + Down opens the filter menu
    • Esc closes the filter menu
    • Tab navigates through the elements in the filter menu(default browser behavior)
    • Shift + Tab same as Tab, but in reverse order

    Actions applied on Grid data table

    • Arrow Keys to navigate over the cells
    • Enter on group row will toggle expand/collapse
    • Page Up pages on previouse page
    • Page Down pages on next page
    • Space selects currently highlighted cell
    • Ctrl + Space same as Space, but perists previously selected cells(only for selection mode "multiple")


    This demo illustrates the keyboard support of the Kendo UI grid widget, which provides quick access to available grid features without the need to interact with mouse. Furthermore, applications which must cover accessibility standards for people with disabilities can directly benefit from it.

    You can focus the grid using the ALT + W key combination, and then use the keyboard key shortcuts visualized above to interact with the widget.

    Further details about the keyboard support of the Kendo UI grid widgets can be found in the Accessibility section of the documentation.

    HTML5/JavaScript source

    Also available for:

    API Reference
    • keyboard-navigation.html
    • Sample service
    • Widget configuration

    Support & learning resources

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