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    In numerous scenarios there's a requirement not only to visualize data in a table structure, but to have the ability to manipulate this data and save changes.

    The Kendo UI grid widget supports data editing operations (create, update, destroy) via a simple configuration of its data source. All you have to do to enable data editing capabilities for the widget is to:

    • set the grid's editable configuration option
    • declare field definitions through the DataSource schema
    • configure the DataSource for performing CRUD data operations defining its transport->create/update/destroy attributes

    If you want to enable new records insertion, you can do that by enabling the relevant option in the grid toolbar. For deleting items you need to include a delete command column.

    The focus of this demo is to present how to enable batch editing operations by specifying the batch->true option via the grid's data source settings.

    More details about the grid editing capabilities can be found in the documentation here.

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