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    Grid / Keyboard navigation


    • Alt + w focuses the widget

    Actions applied on Grid header

    • Enter sort by the column
    • Alt + Down opens the filter menu
    • Esc closes the filter menu
    • Tab navigates through the elements in the filter menu(default browser behavior)
    • Shift + Tab same as Tab, but in reverse order

    Actions applied on Grid data table

    • Arrow Keys to navigate over the cells
    • Enter on group row will toggle expand/collapse
    • Page Up pages on previouse page
    • Page Down pages on next page
    • Space selects currently highlighted cell
    • Ctrl + Space same as Space, but perists previously selected cells(only for selection mode "multiple")

    JSP source

    Also available for:

    • keyboard-navigation.jsp
    • Widget configuration

    Support & learning resources

    Grid for other technologies