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TreeView - Keyboard Navigation


  • Alt + W focuses the first component in the example

Supported keys and user actions

  • Up arrow goes to the previous tree node.
  • Down arrow goes to the next tree node.
  • Right arrow expands a collapsed node. If the node is expanded, focus is moved to its first child node.
  • Left arrow collapses an expanded node. If the node is collapsed, focus is moved to its parent.
  • Home moves focus to the first node in the tree without opening or closing a node.
  • End moves focus to the last node in the tree that is focusable without opening a node.
  • Enter selects focused tree view item when the selection mode is Single or Multiple. When the selection mode is Multiple and there are other selected items, they get deselected.
  • Ctrl + Enter selects focused item. When the item is already selected, it gets deselected.
  • Shift + Enter when Multiple selection is enabled, perform range selection from previous selected item to the current selected item. Equivalent to Shift+Click.

Support & Learning Resources

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