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Scheduler - Keyboard Navigation

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  • Keyboard-navigation.razor
  • AppointmentService.cs
  • AppointmentDto.cs
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  • Alt + W focuses the first component in the example

Supported keys and user actions

Tab Focus

The Tab key focuses the first appointment in the scheduler, or the scheduler if none appointments are available.


  • T navigates to today's time period.
  • C opens the popup for creation of new appointment.
  • Shift + Left Arrow navigates to the previous time period.
  • Shift + Right Arrow navigates to the next time period.
  • Alt + 1, 2, 3 navigates to the view with the respective number.


  • All of the content keyboard shortcuts work when focus is on the appointment. In addition to that we also have:
  • Arrow Keys move focus through appointments.
  • Enter opens the Edit Popup to modify the appointment.
  • Delete/Backspace opens the Delete confirmation popup to modify the appointment.

Scheduler Popups

Using the default Window component shortcuts:
  • Alt + Up Arrow maximizes and restores the window
  • Alt + Down Arrow minimizes and restores the window.
  • Esc closes the window.
  • Tab when the window is focused, lets you traverse its action buttons. Also lets you move the focus to the content.
  • Enter invokes a focused action button on the title bar.

Support & Learning Resources

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