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The PivotGrid component is part of Telerik UI for Blazor, a professional grade UI library with 110+ native components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.


The Telerik UI for Blazor PivotGrid component represents multidimensional data in a cross-tabular format. It is great for data analysis with OLAP, scrolling, sorting and filtering.

The PivotGrid component supports binding to XMLA data (such as an OLAP cube) and local data.

The current example displays a basic configuration for a PivotGrid. The component uses remote (XMLA) data. This PivotGrid represents the order count of the categorized products per quarters and years. The current demo showcases how to set some of the main component features - the PivotGrid height and the width of its column and row headers.

The demo also includes an integrated TelerikPivotGridConfigurator. Use the configurator to select the desired fields to include in the component, configure the column and row dimensions, and the measure fields of the PivotGrid. The Title parameter of the columns, rows and measures determines how they will be named in the configurator. Open the popup menu of the rows and columns listed in the configurator to filter or sort the data.

The PivotGrid also provides multiple ways to customize its appearance. The demo showcases how to set custom column and row headers width through the ColumnHeadersWidth and RowHeadersWidth parameters respectively. It also includes a custom class set to the Quarter column by utilizing the HeaderClass parameter, allowing easy customization through CSS.

This PivotGrid Overview example is part of a unique collection of hundreds of Blazor demos, with which you can see all Telerik UI for Blazor components and their features in action. View the source code of the demos from the library or directly adapt, and edit them and their theme appearance in Telerik REPL for Blazor or ThemeBuilder.

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