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The Loader component is part of Telerik UI for Blazor, a professional grade UI library with 110+ native components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.


The Telerik UI for Blazor Loader component informs users that an operation is ongoing, for example when loading data, submitting a form, saving updates, processing information or generating reports. The Loader provides several options for configuring the appearance of the loading indicator, including setting its type, size and theme color.

The Type parameter controls the loading animation shape, which can take the form of pulse (default), infinite spinner or converging spinner. The Size parameter accepts a string and includes three predefined sizes for the Loader: small, medium and large. The ThemeColor parameter sets the color of the animated loading indicator and provides a choice of ten possible values: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Success, Info, Warning, Error, Dark, Light and Inverse.

To use the Loader UI component in Blazor applications, you need to add the <TelerikLoader> tag to your razor page and set the Visible parameter. Optionally, you can configure the loader type, size and theme color.

The Telerik UI for Blazor Loader can be easily integrated with different components. You can use its Visible parameter to show the loading indicator when needed.

Telerik UI for Blazor includes two components for showing a loading indicator. The LoaderContainer is better suited when you need to cover a whole component, HTML element or the entire page. The Loader component is a better choice when you need to show a loading indicator in a smaller area of the page and without an overlay.

This Loader Overview example is part of a unique collection of hundreds of Blazor demos, with which you can see all Telerik UI for Blazor components and their features in action. View the source code of the demos from the library or directly adapt, and edit them and their theme appearance in Telerik REPL for Blazor or ThemeBuilder.

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