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Grid - Templates

Column and Header Templates

Mountain-100 Silver, 38Mountain-100 Silver, 38$3,399.99
Mountain-100 Silver, 42Mountain-100 Silver, 42$3,399.99
Mountain-100 Silver, 44Mountain-100 Silver, 44$3,399.99
Mountain-100 Silver, 48Mountain-100 Silver, 48$3,399.99
Mountain-100 Black, 38Mountain-100 Black, 38$3,374.99
Mountain-100 Black, 42Mountain-100 Black, 42$3,374.99
Mountain-100 Black, 44Mountain-100 Black, 44$3,374.99
Mountain-100 Black, 48Mountain-100 Black, 48$3,374.99
Mountain-200 Silver, 38Mountain-200 Silver, 38$2,319.99
Mountain-200 Silver, 42Mountain-200 Silver, 42$2,319.99
Mountain-200 Silver, 46Mountain-200 Silver, 46$2,319.99
Mountain-200 Black, 38Mountain-200 Black, 38$2,294.99
Mountain-200 Black, 42Mountain-200 Black, 42$2,294.99
Mountain-200 Black, 46Mountain-200 Black, 46$2,294.99
Mountain-300 Black, 38Mountain-300 Black, 38$1,079.99
Mountain-300 Black, 40Mountain-300 Black, 40$1,079.99
Mountain-300 Black, 44Mountain-300 Black, 44$1,079.99
Mountain-300 Black, 48Mountain-300 Black, 48$1,079.99
Mountain-400-W Silver, 38Mountain-400-W Silver, 38$769.49
Mountain-400-W Silver, 40Mountain-400-W Silver, 40$769.49
Mountain-400-W Silver, 42Mountain-400-W Silver, 42$769.49
Mountain-400-W Silver, 46Mountain-400-W Silver, 46$769.49
Road-350-W Yellow, 40Road-350-W Yellow, 40$1,700.99
Road-350-W Yellow, 42Road-350-W Yellow, 42$1,700.99
Road-350-W Yellow, 44Road-350-W Yellow, 44$1,700.99

Row Template

Mountain-100 Silver, 38Mountain-100 Silver, 38 $3,399.99
Mountain-100 Silver, 42Mountain-100 Silver, 42 $3,399.99
Mountain-100 Silver, 44Mountain-100 Silver, 44 $3,399.99
Mountain-100 Silver, 48Mountain-100 Silver, 48 $3,399.99
Mountain-100 Black, 38Mountain-100 Black, 38 $3,374.99
Mountain-100 Black, 42Mountain-100 Black, 42 $3,374.99
Mountain-100 Black, 44Mountain-100 Black, 44 $3,374.99
Mountain-100 Black, 48Mountain-100 Black, 48 $3,374.99
Mountain-200 Silver, 38Mountain-200 Silver, 38 $2,319.99
Mountain-200 Silver, 42Mountain-200 Silver, 42 $2,319.99
Mountain-200 Silver, 46Mountain-200 Silver, 46 $2,319.99
Mountain-200 Black, 38Mountain-200 Black, 38 $2,294.99
Mountain-200 Black, 42Mountain-200 Black, 42 $2,294.99
Mountain-200 Black, 46Mountain-200 Black, 46 $2,294.99
Mountain-300 Black, 38Mountain-300 Black, 38 $1,079.99
Mountain-300 Black, 40Mountain-300 Black, 40 $1,079.99
Mountain-300 Black, 44Mountain-300 Black, 44 $1,079.99
Mountain-300 Black, 48Mountain-300 Black, 48 $1,079.99
Mountain-400-W Silver, 38Mountain-400-W Silver, 38 $769.49
Mountain-400-W Silver, 40Mountain-400-W Silver, 40 $769.49
Mountain-400-W Silver, 42Mountain-400-W Silver, 42 $769.49
Mountain-400-W Silver, 46Mountain-400-W Silver, 46 $769.49
Road-350-W Yellow, 40Road-350-W Yellow, 40 $1,700.99
Road-350-W Yellow, 42Road-350-W Yellow, 42 $1,700.99
Road-350-W Yellow, 44Road-350-W Yellow, 44 $1,700.99
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The Telerik UI for Blazor Grid exposes various Templates that allow you to take control of the rendering of different aspects of the components. You can alter the default editor of the Grid by using the EditorTemplate. For example, if you want to edit your DateTime column with DateTimePicker, instead with the default DatePicker. You can control the rendering of the column and override the default rendering by using the Column Template as shown in the left-hand side Grid in this demo. The other Grid component showcases the usage of the Row Template. This template allows you to define in your own code the entire contents of the <tr> element the grid will render for each record.

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