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Grid - Grouping Load On Demand

Category Name: Beverages (12)

Category Name: Condiments (12)

Category Name: Confections (13)

Category Name: Dairy Products (10)

Category Name: Grains/Cereals (7)

Category Name: Meat/Poultry (6)

Category Name: Produce (5)

Category Name: Seafood (12)

  • Group-loadondemand.razor
  • ProductService.cs
  • ProductDto.cs
  • CategoryService.cs
  • CategoryDto.cs
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The Grid can load sub-groups and items on demand. This is particularly beneficial when we have large amount of groups, and we need a way to easily navigate between them. The child items for the group will be loaded only after the user expands the given group. You can use this feature together with row virtualization.

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