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Grid - Inline Editing

1Chai$18.00False3910 boxes x 20 bags
2Chang$19.00False1724 - 12 oz bottles
3Aniseed Syrup$10.00False1312 - 550 ml bottles
4Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning$22.00False5348 - 6 oz jars
5Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix$21.35True036 boxes
6Grandma's Boysenberry Spread$25.00False12012 - 8 oz jars
7Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears$30.00False1512 - 1 lb pkgs.
8Northwoods Cranberry Sauce$40.00False612 - 12 oz jars
9Mishi Kobe Niku$97.00True2918 - 500 g pkgs.
10Ikura$31.00False3112 - 200 ml jars
11Queso Cabrales$21.00False221 kg pkg.
12Queso Manchego La Pastora$38.00False8610 - 500 g pkgs.
13Konbu$6.00False242 kg box
14Tofu$23.25False3540 - 100 g pkgs.
15Genen Shouyu$15.50False3924 - 250 ml bottles
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The Telerik Grid for Blazor provides editing functionalities. You can choose between three different modes:
  • Inline
  • InCell
  • Popup
All modes support validation. This demo showcases the capabilities of the Inline editing mode. When you click on an Edit command button on a Grid row all its editable columns open up for changes. Then you can click Save or Cancel command button to submit the changes to the data access layer or to cancel the edit operation.

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