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Grid - Columns Visibility

You can tie the Visible parameter of the column to your business logic, such as responsive design.
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Mr. Steven Buchanan
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Mr. Robert King
Ms. Laura Callahan
Ms. Anne Dodsworth
  • Columns.razor
  • EmployeeService.cs
  • EmployeeDto.cs
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This demo for the Telerik Grid for Blazor showcases the feature to programatically show and hide columns in the component. This example shows how to achieve that by clicking a button and toggling the value for the Visible parameter set to the specific column.

When you hide a column and show it again, it will persist its order in the Grid columns. You can see that live by clicking on the Show / Hide Summary Column button.

You can also tie the Visible parameter to a flag coming from responsive design media query to hide columns for small screens.

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