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Grid - Column Virtualization

The "Product Id" column is frozen and will remain visible during horizontal grid scrolling.
771Mountain-100 Silver, 38BK-M82S-385Mountain Bikes38Silver
772Mountain-100 Silver, 42BK-M82S-425Mountain Bikes42Silver
773Mountain-100 Silver, 44BK-M82S-445Mountain Bikes44Silver
774Mountain-100 Silver, 48BK-M82S-485Mountain Bikes48Silver
775Mountain-100 Black, 38BK-M82B-385Mountain Bikes38Black
776Mountain-100 Black, 42BK-M82B-425Mountain Bikes42Black
777Mountain-100 Black, 44BK-M82B-445Mountain Bikes44Black
778Mountain-100 Black, 48BK-M82B-485Mountain Bikes48Black
779Mountain-200 Silver, 38BK-M68S-385Mountain Bikes38Silver
780Mountain-200 Silver, 42BK-M68S-425Mountain Bikes42Silver
  • Column-virtualization.razor
  • ProductService.cs
  • ProductBindingModel.cs
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The Telerik Blazor Grid provides Virtual Scrolling for its Columns so only the DOM elements in the visible viewport of the grid render. This improves the performance and responsiveness of other rendering operations such as paging and filtering.

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