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Grid - CheckBox Only Selection


Configure checkbox selection

You must click only the checkbox itself to select or deselect the row. You cannot click the entire row.
Maria Anders Sales Representative Obere Str. 57 030-0074321
Ana Trujillo Owner Avda. de la Constitución 2222 (5) 555-4729
Antonio Moreno Owner Mataderos 2312 (5) 555-3932
Thomas Hardy Sales Representative 120 Hanover Sq. (171) 555-7788
Christina Berglund Order Administrator Berguvsvägen 8 0921-12 34 65
Hanna Moos Sales Representative Forsterstr. 57 0621-08460
Frédérique Citeaux Marketing Manager 24, place Kléber
Martín Sommer Owner C/ Araquil, 67 (91) 555 22 82
Laurence Lebihan Owner 12, rue des Bouchers
Elizabeth Lincoln Accounting Manager 23 Tsawassen Blvd. (604) 555-4729

Selected Items:

  • Maria Anders (030-0074321)
  • Checkbox-only-selection.razor
  • CustomerService.cs
  • CustomerDto.cs
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The Telerik Grid for Blazor provides you with the option to select a row by clicking only its checkbox. This is useful when you want your users to have the option to click on rows and cells so that they could perform edit or other actions but not trigger a selection

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