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Blazor Lab - ComboBox Smart (AI) Search


Smart (AI) Components are currently in an experimental phase and are available for Telerik UI for Blazor, Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, and Telerik UI for WPF. We are looking to expand the use cases for AI-powered components and highly value your input on their usefulness and potential applications. Please share your thoughts and suggestions here.

Try typing "pasta", "sausage", or "fruit" in the combobox to see how our smart search works in action!

  • Combobox-smart-ai-search.razor
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ComboBox Smart (AI) Search showcase how to perform local embeddings and similarity search and in Telerik ComboBox. This integration can help quickly filter and display the most relevant options by finding items that are most alike to the user's input without depending on perfect matches or full-text search.

To run this and other Smart AI demos integrations locally, visit our GitHub example repository

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